From Click to Canvas: Bringing Your Vision to Life with Photography and Digital Artistry

A portrait of a woman wearing a black hat and dark sunglasses on a dark red background
A moody portrait of a pretty blond woman pulling on her hair and leaning against a wall marked with graffiti
An attractive blond woman wearing a denim jacket looking out of the window of a blue truck
Portrait of a young girl with black hair wearing red cover jacket on a grey background
Headshot of a man wearing dark suite with a white shirt and blue tie on a grey background
A farm yard winter photo of a man and wife embracing in front of a red shed covered with some snow
A digital artistry image and a magical scene of a woman with red hair and green and gold dress with her hand up from which extends a flame

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"I can’t thank you enough for taking such beautiful photos here at The Willows. They turned out better than I could have imagined. You have such an innate talent, and it was a pleasure to watch your creative mind at work. I have downloaded the images successfully and am planning which to post first… you’ve given me a tough decision, they are all so great."    ...Shaelyn, Marketing and Design Developer

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Hi!  I'm Ric, your Calgary people photographer and digital artist


​I'm so glad that you've landed here, because that means you're probably thinking about getting an important photograph, right?

To me, your photos, whether a headshot, portrait or family shot aren't just photos! They're unique pieces of art that are important to who you are.

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PPOC Gallerie Magazine Fall 2020

This publication showcases the talents of members of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  

Living the Photo Artistic Life , Issue 56 October 2019

Living the Photo Artistic Life, for me, means that there are a multitude of ways to use my photography as the source for unique art.  There is just no end to how anything and everything in our world can be captured digitally and then used artistically in some way.

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"Ric has done several projects for us including family photos in an outdoor setting, restoration of historical and damaged pictures, special canvas large prints, and he has created group composite images requiring extensive editing. I always enjoy working with Ric because he understands exactly what we are trying to achieve on each project and he always brings his creative ideas to enhance the outcome. He has an easy-going attitude and makes the process fun. I highly recommend Ric and his creativity for your photography needs."  ...Louie M.

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